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As Money Managers, our forte is to Create Wealth at Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI, as we focus on the driving force of your Wealth Design.

We recognize that winning in today's unstable investment markets demands deploying strategies beyond the conventional wisdom and practice. This means we prefer creative thinking rather than standard narratives. And we choose integrity over the "easy way". Your investment portfolio is the focal point over all else.

Our objective at Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI is different. While using the same public  investment markets available to others to create more wealth, we also recognize and appreciate doing so requires insights and approaches beyond those preached by banks and brokerages, looking at opportunities not made available to everyone and anyone. Changing the investment power dynamics is one of our core tenets, meaning it's of utmost importance to bring our clients accessibility to investment opportunities ignored or unavailable to others.

We understand that you are the key to your success. No matter your level of investment sophistication, your involvement is vital for the success of your investment goals. Providing solutions to your questions and concerns is always of utmost importance to us. We really believe there are no ridiculous questions to ask, no matter how "basic" you may think your questions are.

The first step in the construction of an investment portfolio is to identify the intention for the different pools of money within a portfolio:
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Ensure safety of principal for your upcoming goals and expenses, but also squeeze out small growth too.


Steadily grow your financial resources for a wealthier future.

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Mount wealth dynamically with managed risk.

"The more certain something is,
the less likely it is to be profitable

Jim Rogers

This is the basis of the money management work we do for professional, hardworking and entrepreneurial Canadian families, small business owners and local charitable foundations, all looking to grow and protect their wealth.

While unlike most investment managers we do not have a hard "investment minimum", our money management strategies are most suitable and efficient for investment portfolios with at least $25,000 to conserve, investment and/or trade. Even so, for us the right "win at life" mindset and goals prevail over account minimums. So, if you're looking to move your investments portfolio building in the right direction, don't let some "soft" minimum stand in your way. Let's have a conversation so we can see how we can help you.
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Our brief monthly pulse check on the markets. A read you'll finish before getting through your morning coffee.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. ("ACPI") is a full-service investment dealer and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ("CIPF") and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization ("CIRO"). Investment services are provided through Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI, an approved trade name of ACPI. Only investment-related products and services are offered through Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI and covered by the CIPF. Financial planning and insurance services are provided through Pinnacle Sovereign Wealth Inc. Pinnacle Sovereign Wealth Inc. is an independent company separate and distinct from Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI.

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