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The majority of Canadians lack sufficient financial knowledge to navigate their wealth through life. It's an unfortunate but glaring reality.

Is it much surprise though, when there is little to no financial education provided throughout our schooling years? By age 18, we're tested on trigonometric theories and Shakespearean prose, yet very few students enter adulthood knowing what "RRSP" or "TFSA" stand for, let along how to use them within their wealth portfolios.

Today's modern banking and financial systems also do little to relieve the gaping hole between those in the know and those not.

Then we all wonder why so many public and private coffers are in such shambles while the wealth gap continues to grow to unprecedented levels.

There's only one way out of the growing wealth gap. We must accept that knowledge and understanding play a vital role in the solutions.

For those who prefer gaining financial literacy on your own, discreetly or at your own pace, Pinnacle Sovereign Wealth Sense is your trove of financial information, filled and growing with videos and written content to help you regain the upper hand in your wealth portfolio.

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As with any growing repository of information, more information will be added regularly. Be sure to bookmark this page for ease of return or subscribe to our YouTube channel for timely updates too. Make us your go-to source of wealth wisdom.

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