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We call it conserving wealth. You know it as "savings".

No matter the phraseology, the idea is the same. In preparing cash for a certain future expense, a next big project or even an emergency, you have three choices:


1. Stuff your mattress with cash.

2. Accumulate your cash in a bank account.

3. Park the funds in a guaranteed investment vehicle until needed.

While the image of currency protruding from your mattress may be amusing, it's not practical, especially as time and other external influences erode the value of your money.

Banks give you zero interest on a chequing account, making it no wiser than the mattress idea. Switch to a savings account and now you're seeing some pennies roll in on every $100 you stash. Still hardly an ideal solution.

Find a money manager with access to high interest savings accounts and Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs) and now you're getting closer to keep track with inflation, if not even outpacing it by a small margin, without taking any additional risk.

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With savings account rates 2%-3%* higher than bank rates and GIC rates adding 0.50%-1%* on top of those offered by banks, we help you grow your savings faster so you can reach your goals sooner.

And we do it without balance tiers to receive the highest rate, nor do we have "bonus" periods to entice your decisions. What you see is what you get.

"I just wait until there is money lying in the corner, and all I have to do is go over there and pick it up."

Jim Rogers

The real kicker is that we do all this through many of the same banks and financial institutions you already allocate your savings to. There's no magic trick. Just the power of economy of scale encouraging banks to provide higher rates to bigger pools of money.

But our engagement does not end with higher interest rates for your wealth conserving endeavors. As money managers, we also work to ensure your savings are organized and flowing between accounts at the right times. You can also think of us as the last line of defense against any impromptu spending temptations. We're the guardian angel that reminds you, "Do you really need this new TV? Are you truly willing to sacrifice all your hard work towards your financial independence for it?"


How's that for real money management power in your corner?

Due to the nature of our wealth conservation method, we prefer to keep such money in non-registered cash accounts and keep it separate from your other longer-term investments, though in some limited instances, we may assign a Tax-Free Savings Account as the steward of short-term savings investments.

In terms of investing your savings, we primarily use High Interest Savings Funds (HISAs) and/or Guaranteed Investment Certificates (GICs). For savings allocations with target utilization horizons beyond two years, we may look at deploying a low risk mutual fund as well. Of course, all is based on aligning your objectives and risk stamina.

Sounds complicated? It's not, especially when you have us guiding you every step of the way. Let's talk so we can show you how we can help you squeeze every last penny out of your savings money.

Aligned Capital Partners Inc. ("ACPI") is a full-service investment dealer and a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund ("CIPF") and the Canadian Investment Regulatory Organization ("CIRO"). Investment services are provided through Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI, an approved trade name of ACPI. Only investment-related products and services are offered through Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI and covered by the CIPF. Financial planning and insurance services are provided through Pinnacle Sovereign Wealth Inc. Pinnacle Sovereign Wealth Inc. is an independent company separate and distinct from Pinnacle Sovereign Investments of ACPI.

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