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The financial and wealth industry is one of the most acronym-laden businesses out there. Step into any financial institution and you'll be bombarded with one acronym after another. We can all sit around and complain. Or we can empower ourselves with a knowledge of these acronyms as well. To help in the study process, you can print a PDF version at the bottom of this page.

You're welcome!

ABS: Asset Backed Security

ADR: American Depository Receipt

AMEX: American Stock Exchange

APR: Annual Percentage Rate

ARM: Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

BIPS: Basis Points

BoC: Bank of Canada

BoE: Bank of England

BoJ: Bank of Japan

BTC: Bitcoin

CD: Certificate of Deposit

CDS: Credit Default Swap

CEA: Certified Estate Advisor

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

CESG: Canada Education Savings Grant

CFA: Chartered Financial Analyst

CFO: Chief Financial Officer

CFP: Certified Financial Planner

CIM: Chartered Investment Manager

CIO: Chief Investment Officer

CME: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

CMO: Chief Marketing Officer

CMHC: Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corp.

COLA: Cost of Living Adjustment

COO: Chief Operating Officer

CPA: Chartered Professional Accountant

CPI: Consumer Price Index

CRA: Canada Revenue Agency

DJIA: Dow Jones Industrial Average

DRIP: Dividend Reinvestment Plan

EAFE: Europe, Australasia & Far East

EBIT: Earnings Before Interest & Taxes

EBITA: Earnings Before Interest, Taxes,                            Depreciation & Amortization

ECB: European Central Bank

EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

EPS: Earnings Per Share

ETF: Exchange Traded Fund

EV: Enterprise Value

FCF: Free Cash Flow

FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

FED: Federal Reserve System

            (i.e. US Central Bank)

FOMC: Federal Open Market Committee

FP: Financial Planner

FV: Future Value

GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting                              Principles

GATT: General Agreement on Tariffs & Trade

GDP: Gross Domestic Product

GDSR: Gross Debt Servicing Ratio

GIC: Guaranteed Investment Certificate

GNP: Gross National Product

GVA: Gross Value Added

HFT: High-Frequency Trading

HELOC: Home Equity Line of Credit

IA: Investment Advisor

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IPO: Initial Public Offering

IRA: Individual Retirement Account

IRR: Internal Rate of Return

ISM: Institute of Supply Management

IRS: Internal Revenue Service

JTWROS: Joint Tenant With Rights of                                   Survivorship

KYC: Know Your Client (or Customer)

LBO: Leveraged Buyout

LIBOR: London Interbank Offer Rate

LIF: Life Income Fund

LIRA: Locked-In Retirement Account
LRSP: Locked-In Retirement Savings Plan

LTRO: Long-Term Refinancing Operations

LTV: Loan-to-Value Ratio

M&A: Mergers & Acquisitions

MBS: Mortgage-Backed Security

MER: Management Expense Ratio

NAV: Net Asset Value

NOI: Net Operating Income

NSF: Non-Sufficient Funds

NYMEX: New York Mercantile Exchange

NYSE: New York Stock Exchange

OECD: Organization for Economic                                    Cooperation & Development

OPEC: Organization of Petroleum Exporting                    Countries

OTC: Over the Counter

PBoC: People's Bank of China

PE: Price Earnings Ratio

PEG: Price Earnings Growth

P&I: Principal & Interest

P&L: Profit & Loss

PLC: Personal Line of Credit

PM: Portfolio Manager

POA: Power of Attorney

POS: Point of Sale

PPI: Producer Price Index

PV: Present Value

QE: Quantitative Easing

QT: Quantitative Tightening

RDSP: Registered Disability Savings Plan

RGL: Realized Gain or Loss

REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust

RESP: Registered Education Savings Plan

RIP: Regular Investment Plan

ROA: Return on Assets

ROC: Return on Capital

ROCE: Return on Capital Employed

ROE: Return on Equity

ROI: Return on Investment

RRIF: Registered Retirement Income Fund

RRSP: Registered Retirement Savings Plan

S&P: Standard & Poor's

SDR: Special Drawing Rights

SEC: Securities & Exchange Commission

SIP: Systematic Investment Plan

SME: Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises

SWIFT: Society of Worldwide Interbank                            Financial Telecommunications

SWP: Systematic Withdrawal Plan

TDSR: Total Debt Servicing Ratio

TFSA: Tax-Free Savings Account

TSX: Toronto Stock Exchange

VAR: Value At Risk

WACC: Weighted Average Cost of Capital

WTO: World Trade Organization

YTC: Yield to Call

YTM: Yield to Maturity

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