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It's society's most degraded nine letter "I" word - Insurance.

Any mention of an insurance discussion will, at best, bring about a rolling of the eyes. At worst, it will beget a barrage of harsher four letter words.

But reality is that life provides no advanced warning, some times pitching curve balls when we least expect them but ones that can dent or destroy dreams in an instant.

What if one day... didn't wake up in the morning. Death came sooner than your family anticipated. Will your family struggle to make ends meet? Will your spouse have time to adjust emotionally and move on with life without you? Will your children be well taken care of? are temporarily or permanently injured, severely limiting or all-out impairing your ability to earn a living. Will you be able to look your family in their eyes to explain the need to sell your home or switch to mac-and-cheese meals?

...your doctor informs you of a life-threatening illness. Does your family want to be left with a choice between your life and your children's education? Or between your life and your spouse's future retirement?

...your realized dream travels are brought to a halt by an accident or illness. Will your family be able to return to enjoying the trek without breaking the bank?

Rock Balancing

It's best not to think of insurance as a wealth protection tool. Instead, see it as a shield for the wealth goals and opportunities that mean so much to you, one that manages your risks by transferring them elsewhere.


Our non-abrasive yet thorough approach helps to ease these financial worries by analyzing and focusing on your needs and providing only those solutions that fir your unique life.

This means you can stop worrying about paying too much for insurance and instead feel at ease knowing you've transferred many of your financial risks and worries to someone else so you can march forward in winning at your life.

"Successful investing is about managing risk,
not avoiding it."

Benjamin Graham


Not every solution fits every risk. That's why we work to first uncover your current financial state, then identify any risks that can potentially be transferred, and only at that point discuss the best solution to the risk at hand.

Rent a shield that protects your loved ones' or business associates' financial security. Affordable but temporary coverage that may help ensure debts or future expenses are covered if an income provider is no longer around.


We are here to help you navigate the vastness of the insurance field. But we also understand you may want to brush up on some basics or other insurance know-how on your own. So, we welcome you to dive into our growing repository of insurance related resources at The Link Between.


We work with a number of Canadian insurance solution providers to find the most reasonable and affordable counter party to assume the wealth risks you're working to minimize. Our job is to find the counter party with the best priced and termed offer for you.
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